Dripples Cakes is a well known name in the Nigerian Cake industry and SuperWoman was privileged to interview the face behind this name. Enjoy our interview with the Creative Director of Dripples –  Tarela Okene.

Please Tell us about yourself

My name is Tarela Okene. Creative Director of Dripples Cakes.  I’m a baker and  sugar artist. I love to create things out of sugar and fondant. I’m a mother of four, fun person to be with, very easy to understand and I mingle with everyone.

At what point did you decide to become a Cake Artist?

Well, it all happened when I had an encounter with the most beautiful cake I had ever seen at that time. I traveled to Uyo for a wedding and it was raining so the baker had to hurriedly carry her cake into the room where we were with the bride. That was when it happen. That was when I saw a cake designed like a palm wine for the first time. I had never seen a cake like that so because of the artistic nature of the cake I developed a desire to learn cake artistry.

I met the lady who baked it and she decided to take me into her kitchen and taught me the ABC of cake baking. I’m speaking of my mentor Gift Nwankwo the owner of Swit Memories cake.

That was when I realized that I needed to go far, learn more and understand the business. My drive to learn more started at that moment.

Was this your dream as a young girl?

No this wasn’t my dream. As a child we all wanted to have white collar jobs. I wanted to become a lawyer though I studied Library Science at Delta State University, Abraka and as God will have it, I entered into the baking business. I am enjoying it everyday. It’s been 9 years and I have never regretted being a cake decorator.

What Fueled your drive to learn more about your business?

When I started baking newly, I was very excited. I told everyone about what I do. I told them I’m a baker, I bake lovely cakes and I would bake for them. One faithful day, I came in contact with a Lady who owns a saloon and she told me to bake her a chocolate cake.

What I knew to be chocolate cake then was adding brownie into a vanilla cake and so I did that and brought it to her in the saloon. She flung the cake and started screaming “this is not the chocolate cake I asked for, I asked for chocolate cake and you brought me this”

That was when I realized that I needed to go far, learn more and understand the business. My drive to learn more started at that moment.

What do you think young bakers need to do to drive their businesses?

Invest in your business, invest in learning. Make sure you keep up with the trend. The cake world is constantly evolving so you must invest in your business. You must have the passion to remain creative and you must have the passion to think out of the box. I am still learning and what ever money I make out of my business, I invest in my business; It multiples the business. Young business women need to imbibe this attitude.

What do you do when things are not working out?

Pray; When things are not working out I pray; I ask the Holy spirit for direction. Sometimes the reason why we don’t receive is because we don’t ask. Our Lord Jesus tells us to “ask that your joy may be full” John 16 vs 24. God is interested in our business. He wants us to have success in business so when I get stuck, I ask God and He gives me new ideas and direction on what to do.

What advice do you have for young girl who desire to thrive in business?

Be careful who you tell your dreams to. Some people might kill your dreams before it even starts.

Culled from SuperWoman