Reviews and FAQs about Dripples

Based in Nigeria, Dripples is a bakeshop known as the best one across many towns because of our wide variety of products and high-quality services. We create many treats for various kinds of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Get a glimpse at the experience with us by reading the reviews and frequently asked questions below:

Customer reviews about Dripples’ cakes

As we have been in the baking industry for many years, we continue to adapt to the times while still staying true to the authentic taste of our cakes. We also ask for feedback from our previous and current customers to improve our services.

They rated our products and services to be ‘highly satisfactory’ with a five-star rating. Some of their comments in our anonymous survey are listed below:

Customer A: ‘It was my first time ordering from this bakeshop and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My birthday cake tastes great and it arrived earlier than expected’.

Customer B: ‘Since I wanted to make my wedding cake special, I created a customised design for it. Thankfully, they were able to follow it to a T and helped make my dream come to life. Surely, I will buy other cakes from them in the future’. 

Customer C: ‘I needed a cake for a last-minute event so I was elated to know that Dripples had a variety of options available. I went with the butter chocolate and vanilla cake which tasted heavenly. My friend who I gave the cake to as a gift also loved it’.

Customer D: ‘Whenever it’s the birthday of any of my children, I always buy from this bakeshop since it has a convenient delivery service. Moreover, they have lots of designs that my kids like’.

Customer E: ‘Valentine’s is a grand occasion for my girlfriend and me which we love to celebrate with a cake from Dripples all the time. They had the best treats which are good for the body and perfectly balanced flavours’.

Got a question?

Uncover the exciting details about Dripples by browsing through the frequently asked questions about us below:

What kind of cakes do you have?

We have a wide selection of cakes in our shop from birthday cakes to wedding cakes. They also come in a large variety of flavours like vanilla and chocolate.

Do you offer baking classes?

Yes. Apart from selling cakes, Dripples has a teaching program where our world-class bakers guide different people on how to make their own treats. Moreover, these classes are for free so all you need to do is sign up on our website to join us.

How can I contact you?

For any additional questions or concerns, you can contact us through our website. You can also reach us through our telephone number or by visiting our physical shop in Rivers State, Nigeria.