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7″ Butter Chocolate and Vanilla Cake

7″ Butter Chocolate and Vanilla Cake (2)

8″ Whipped Cream Double Delight (12)

8″ Whipped Cream Tripple Delight (8)

7″ Swiss Meringue Triple Delight (5)

7″ Swiss Meringue Triple Delight (7)

8″ Whipped Cream Double Delight (11)

8″ Whipped Cream Tripple Delight (7)

8” Whipped Cream Double Delight

Dripples: The best bakery in town

Regardless of what event it is, a cake is always one of the best ways to liven up the occasion. It’s a great treat for you and your guests which everyone can enjoy, no matter how old they are. Here at Dripples, we offer the best cakes in town which are all baked with love and to perfection. Know more about us by checking the details below:

Why choose Dripples

Dripples is a popular bakeshop in Nigeria that showcases high-quality services that are up to par with global standards. Here are the different reasons why you should choose us:

Various cake options

Here at Dripples, we display different kinds of cakes for various occasions such as weddings and birthdays. These also come in several flavours from chocolate to strawberry. However, you can also opt for a one of a kind option by trying the customised service in our bakeshop.

Quick delivery

Our bakery is known for our quick delivery of products which follows its designated schedule, regardless of your location. We also try our best to bring the cakes as early as you want without compromising their quality. They are all placed in special boxes so they can withstand the travel and maintain their perfect look even if many hours pass.

Convenient order process

Ordering at Dripples is now easy and convenient through our website. All you have to do is find the right cake that suits your taste and click the ‘order cake’ button next to it. Then, you will fill up the necessary details like your name, address and other important information.

Afterwards, you are required to pay for your order so we can process it immediately. We will send you the cake as per its schedule. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us so we can address them as soon as possible.

Benefits of eating cakes

Ordering and eating cakes from Dripples comes with the following benefits:

  • It provides strength to your body

Contrary to popular belief, cakes are a great source of protein so it gives more strength to your body. Many athletes and bodybuilders are known to eat cake at least once a week as part of their diet. Since it has milk, bread and dry fruits, they are beneficial for the body and good for your well-being.

  • It perks up your mood

Since most cakes are sweet, they can help elevate your mood, especially if you are feeling lonely lately. It brings a smile to your face as you take a bite of it because of its smooth and creamy texture. As a result, any signs of depression are lessened over time.

  • It’s good for your digestive system

Cakes with many fruits like berries and pineapple are great for your digestive system since they are high in fibre. It will not only energize you but also lower your risk for heart disease.